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    Phillips with Mykonos is a male-to-male body spa that offers a variety of massage and spa treatments designed to help men relax, rejuvenate, and de-stress. Our experienced and licensed masseurs use a variety of techniques, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and aromatherapy, to help you achieve total body relaxation.

    We believe that everyone deserves to experience the benefits of massage therapy, regardless of their gender. We understand that men and women have different massage preferences, and we offer a variety of techniques and styles to meet their individual needs.

    Our spa is located in a quiet and serene setting, which is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We offer both in-spa and in-home massage appointments, so you can choose the option that’s most convenient for you.

    Types of Massage

    1. Jacuzzi: A large, heated pool of water that can be used for relaxation and muscle relief. The warm water helps to soothe sore muscles and joints, and the jets of water can provide a massage-like effect.
    2. Sauna: A small, dry room that is heated to a high temperature. The heat helps to open up the pores and sweat out toxins, and it can also help to improve circulation.
    3. Steam room: A small, humid room that is heated to a lower temperature than a sauna. The steam helps to loosen mucus and congestion, and it can also help to improve respiratory health.
    4. Group shower: A large shower room that can accommodate multiple people. This is a great way to relax and socialize after a long day.

    Spa Services

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    25% Off: Choice Of Oil Massage @2000/-

    (60 Mins Shower)


    25% Off: Choice Of Dry Massage @2000/-

    (60 Mins Shower)


    25% Off: Choice Of Towel Massage @2000/-

    (60 Mins Shower)


    25% Off: Choice Of Full Body Massage @3000/-

    (60 Mins Shower)


    25% Off: Choice Of Acupressure Massage @3000/-

    (60 Mins Shower)

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    25% Off: Choice Of Sensual Massage@3000/-

    (60 Mins Shower)


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